2007 Chrysler Sebring • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic • 63,500 miles

My 2007 Chrysler Sebring 2.4 liter 4 cyl engine has a loud rattling noise that appears to be coming from the left side of the engine next to the belts. The belts are tight. The noise is very loud at start up and not as loud while driving.

It also seems to have a howling noise when slowing down.
March 7, 2011.

If the noise increases when increasing engine speed while the car is standing still in neutral, remove the belt, then feel the various pulleys. In particular, look at the clutch and pulley on the front of the air conditioning compressor.

Mar 7, 2011.
My car is making the exact same noise. No noise when driving on the highway at a high speed. No service lights have turned on and there is no change in the way the way the car drives other than the noise. Did you figure out what was making the noise on yours?

Oct 7, 2011.