2006 Volvo S40 • 90,000 miles

My s-40 developed a whirring/spinning sound coming from a silver-conical shaped device located the right of the engine near the fuse box. It has a round top and has a few wires coming out of the front side of it. I noticed this when I turned off the car and heard that something was still spinning, but it was NOT the fan motor. When I popped the hood, I could hear this "thing" spinning, and when I touched it, it was very very hot.

So, what is this and is it something I can replace myself? It looks like it only has 2 bolts holding it in place, but I dont know where there wires go to, or come from. Any assistance would be appreciated!
October 7, 2012.

It sounds like the air injection pump. It adds clean air to the exhaust for emissions.


Thanks, since I dont live in a state where they actually check emissions. Is it worth the money to replace the part?

Oct 7, 2012.
Only if it is bad. Have it verified first before considering anything


These vehicle model did not come with an air pump. If you are talking about a chrome looking devise that is the electric vacuum pump to assist with the brake booster. Those things go bad all the time. Eventually they seize up and will blow the fuse causing the check engine light to come on for oxygen sensor codes since they share the same circuit. Have that pump looked at and replace if faulty.

Oct 18, 2012.