2006 Toyota Harrier

Toyota harrier 3.0 yr 2006 the gear 3, 4, 5 problem can not use 3, 4 5 gear what is the problem even this engine send to overhaul. After 6 months this problem come back again
April 20, 2011.

Can you describe the problem in more details?

Apr 20, 2011.
Hi, this harrier 3.0 actually is yr 2004 and reg on 2006 model is MCU31. When u drive, u put D, then when the gear change to 2 there will a bit problem. Then when change fr 2 to 3 become free gear. Mean that gear 3 4 5 is free can not use. After service the gear box n change the clutch pad it become normal and this problem solve. After 6 months later, this problem come again n we found that the clutch pad also gone, why become like that? Is it the C3 clutch got problem? We did check the wiring and meter on dashboard all function well. By the way I also add the speed meter on it, dont think that it will affect this problem.

Apr 21, 2011.
Clutches for automatic transmissin would normally last the lifetime of the vehicle under normal circumstances. In fact if pressure and fluids are in good condition, they would not wear at all.

Something is wrong resulting in loss o pressure causing the clutch disks to wear.

When rebuilding the transmission, were all the seals and O rings replaced?
Was any checks made on the cutches to see if there were any abnormal wear of the housings?

Apr 21, 2011.