2006 Toyota Corolla • 148,000 miles

What would be the problem that would require me to do either an engine overhaul or replacement of the engine. I need to know what the symptoms are that would lead to me needing to do the overhaul or replacement. This way when I call Toyota I can tell them what the problems are and they can give me a price for the repair. My father said if I can come up with something that is too expensive he would just get me a new car. Right now my car is only worth around $4000
July 29, 2013.

If there is a low end knock (main bearings or rod bearings). Excessive oil burning, low compression.

As far as the trans, if it was slipping or not shifting.

An engine replacement / overhaul would be around the value of the car (4,000.00) As far as the transmission, usually they can be rebuilt for around (2,500.00).