2006 Saturn Relay • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 99,747 miles

Help I have a saturn relay 2 2006 and here are the issues. About four months ago when I go to unlock the van the alarm would still go off. Then my traction control light came on, then my anti lock brake light and brake light came on, then the moter light came on, now when I start up and go down the road the battery light comes on and it says charging system failure and my voltage drops and drops I pull off to the side of road and put it in park and the voltage comes back to life also sometimes my onstar light is red insted of green. The test on battery and alternator have all been good. Changed the two front wheel bearings/joint things and put in new battery just incase lost on what to do? Maybe this has happend to someone else and someone knows my problem and what to do?

December 18, 2010.

Have you had a full computer scan done?Meaning all the computers were checked for codes and the codes were written down?

Oct 17, 2012.