2006 Nissan Almera • 4 cylinder 2WD • 60,000 miles

Hi There,

At wits end, my immobiliser keeps losing "the signal between key etc, and starts one day and then not for 4. Have tried that '6 timese on/off ignition, then hold open button at same time press 3 times lock button, and one worked, but now nothing, Have spent fortune, and now the remotes on the key will not work. Can someone please help as past desperate.

Also leave battery disconnected, and also nothing, although car always cranks.

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March 18, 2011.

Have you replaced the battery for the remote?
Check the battery seating and connections.
As to the immobilizer, you might need to get it reprogrammed by the dealer.

Mar 18, 2011.

this sounds like a intermittent break in the immobiliser wire between the ignition barrel transponder and the Nats Immu. The fault code DTC P1614 may be present with P1610, if so you will need a nats repair loom, which replaces the original wires from the ignition barrel transponder and the Nats Immu.

Part Number you require is: 24168 BN00A (around 130 for the part Nissan main dealer part only)

Should take just over 30mins to carry out the repair.

Hope that helps

Mar 28, 2011.