2006 Mercury Montego • 6 cylinder AWD Automatic • 95,000 miles

2006 Mercury Montego Premier AWD is showing the following coded:
P2106 Throttle Actuator Control
P061B INternal Control MOd Torque Calculation Performace Limited Power
P0701 Transmission Control System

Will replacing the Throttle Body fix this or do I need to replace something else?
December 9, 2010.

I have a 2006 Montego with the same problem. I have not had mine fixed yet BUT what happens is your car will not accelerate when you push the gas EVEN TO THE FLOOR! What it is is the gas pedal is controlled by electronics and not a cable and the result when you have a failure is. Exactly what you have now (that error code). Mine is not fixed yet because I haven't the money and I am afriad to even see what they will charge. I'll never buy another Ford product. Be careful and stay close to home unless you have AAA Plus. I did allot of research after I bought the car. Not a good idea. Anyway. Good luck! I am still skeerd from the screwing ahead for me when I get mine fixed. TRADING IT IN A.S.A.P.

Aug 1, 2011.
So waht did you end up doing? What fixed it?

Oct 22, 2011.