2006 Mercedes Benz E200 • 161,000 miles

I have a MB Kompressor 2006 model, perfect silver. And now I need to have a change in model. I heard that my car will be exchanges with a new one by paying some amount too.

What are the true procedures? Please advice.

Muhammad Mafia
November 8, 2011.

It's called a trade-in value for the 2006 model. It varies by where you live. In the U.S, you can use kbb. Com to determine your car's value. That value, minus what you may owe on the vehicle, is removed from the price of the new vehicle.
So, if the 2006 is worth $15,000 US, and you owe $1,500 on it, $13,500 will be subtracted from the price of the new vehicle, say $35,000 US, making a total cost, before taxes and other charges, of $21,500 US.

Nov 8, 2011.
I was thinking maybe he is referring to a lease deal?

Nov 10, 2011.
Could be right.

Nov 10, 2011.