2006 Mercedes Benz CLK500 • V8 •

I have a 2006 Mercedes CLK500 and when I'm driving it sometimes my rpm goes up and down. Additonally, when I stop at a light and try and take off, my car goes slowly or not at all, but the rpm goes up very high and it sounds like I need to change the gear or something, however, it's an automatic. Then, it will not idle down (switch gears) on it's own once it starts doing this, I have to literally turn the car off, then back on and then it will run good for a few days, then do the same thing again! What could be the problem because I don't have any lights on saying to check anything. Please advise because it's nerve wrecking being at a light and not knowing if your car is going to take off correctly or not!
Thank you!
December 7, 2010.

When there is not an Engine light on it is usually fuel related, I would try changing the fuel filter and see what happens.

Dr Loot
Dec 8, 2010.