2006 Kia Amanti • 109,000 miles

2006 Kia Amanti, 109K miles. ESC light flashed a few seconds occasionally over the last year. In last month, occurred more frequently. Saturday the dealer applied recall to replace brake light switch. A few days later it started flashing constantly above 55-60 mpg, and when accelerating at most speeds. Roads are dry and in good shape; same roads we've driven for 5 years with no ESC light problems. The ESC OFF light only locked on once a week ago before going to dealer but I reset it and it hasn't come on since. Checked tires, brake and wheel assemblies and all are in good shape. Car handles well, no sudden vehicle-induced acceleration or changes in handleing. Any ideas for a solution? Thanks.
December 2, 2011.

Have the computer scanned for trouble codes. If the light is coming on. There should be a code stored. If there isn't, use a live scanned that can analyze while driving to read where the problem is coming from.

Thanks for the suggestion. I did a static scan and there is no code. Since the flashing ESC light means the ESC is engaging, would there even be a code since the ESC light (not the ESC OFF light--which isn't coming on except for the once time) means the system is providing stability control?

Dec 2, 2011.
If the light is flashing, the computer is identifying a problem. Odd there are no codes. Have you tried using a live scanner?

Not sure what you mean by live scanner. Yesterday I drove to work with my OBD II scanner hooked up. I linked it before leaving and there were no codes, then again several times when the ESC light would flash and it always came back with no codes showing. It seemed like the ESC light was only coming on when I would press the accelerator above about 55mp, not all the time above 55 mph like the last time I drove it. Any ideas are appreciated.

Dec 4, 2011.