2006 Hyundai Sonata • 130,000 miles

The system is charged, the compressor works (it's engaging and the tubing running back to the firewall is cold). When the system is turned off, there is still hot air passing into the cabin, not outside temperature air, but hot like the heater is on. It does have thermostatically controlled automatic climate control, could the temperature control be faulty or is there a vacuum hose or actuator that is loose/faulty?
May 18, 2012.

So the suction hose off the compressor is getting ice cold and the high side off the ac compressor is really hot?Also your sure you have the correct amount of charge in the system?What are the high and low pressure readings at idle?

May 18, 2012.
Also the ac condensor fan is working with nothing blocking its air flow?

May 18, 2012.
Have you worked on the dash at all like changing a stereo? There is a cable that runs from the backside of the dash behind stereo area and hooks to a metal piece sortof like a pully under the dash on the passenger side next to the console where the passengers left foot would be. The cable has a circular hook that will attach (go around) the metal piece that is sticking downward under the dash. While the ac is running turned to the cold. Pull the silver metal lever thing towards the seat. The ac should turn cold. Try pushing it back and see if that changes anything. If you dont see the cable attached to the metal thing. It has probably slipped off and went back up under the dash and you will need to find it and reattach it. Just had this happen to me this past weekend. Hope this helps.

Jun 16, 2012.