2006 Honda Odyssey • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 120,000 miles

I took my Honda Odyssey to the dealer for a routine oil change. It had a heli coil plug in pan and they said I needed a new oil pan. They installed new oil pan and changed oil. After leaving dealership about 30 min later engine oil light came on and motor started making noise. They were closed so took van back next day and after inspecting it stated that a part of old plug was sucked into oil pump and need new engine. They stated that it was nothing that they did. This van was running perfectly when it was taken in and paid $370 for them to blow my engine. Help!
January 19, 2011.

I find it hard to believe that after changing the oil pan and replacing it with a NEW pan with no loose parts in it, the engine blew.

I'd take to the service manager, if the service manager does nothing, speak with the general manager of Honda. If he does nothing, just speak to someone hire up than him.

A more likely scenario would be that you left with low oil after they replaced the pan, and that caused your motor to seize. Did you by any chance check your oil level when your oil light came on?

Jan 20, 2011.
Thanks for the reply. I checked it right away and it was over filled. Probably because the oil was not being pumped to the engine. They should have checked all this before turning the vehicle over to us.

Jan 20, 2011.