2006 Citroen Dispatch • 160,000 miles

A few month ago I started to get a clunking twanging noise when turning right. In stages I changed the drop pin links the wishbones and the anti roll bar. The problem continued The noise became worse and more often. Today I compressed the coil spring and checked the top bearing. It was bone dry and the housing was scarred. Not being able to get one until wednesday I greased the bearing up.I thought this might have done the trick but the noise continues. There is no play in the steering and I have never had a noise like this from a drive shaft. The engine mount seems to be ok. The track rod end is fine.I feel a new strut bearing may solve the problem. I am running out of ideas and expenses. Can you please think of any thing else that may be causing this noise. Your thoughts will be well appreciated. Regards Dave
January 28, 2013.

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