2006 Chrysler Sebring • 4 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 60,000 miles


My hubby had purchased 2006 Chrysler Sebring 2.4 last month- We had noticed that the right wheel bearing was making noise so my hubby replaced it yesterday w/ a timkin hub bearing. We still have the noise unfortunately, it's a wooo wooo noise or growl if you will at different speeds, comes and goes. He wants to change the left side to see if this cures the problem, any advice for us would be appreciated. Our car has 60,000 miles on it, he just replaced the front tires as well.

Thanks much, Marcy-
August 7, 2011.

Put the ebrake on block the rear wheels jack up the front of car put the car on jack stands so the front wheels are off the ground. Then put the car in neutral then put one hand on the left side coil spring and spin the wheel as fast as you can with the other hand if the bearing is bad you will be able to feel it in the coil spring. Check both sides and compare them let me know what you find.

Aug 8, 2011.
Thanks for the advice dear : ) My hubby is having a mechanic friend of his go for a test drive to see what he thinks about this noise. He might have to replace the other wheelbearing, geez if he does this and we still hear this woooo woooo growling noise then I don't know what our next option will be : ( We just bought this car last month, it had a few issues, the a/c wasn't working, the exhaust had to be replaced, it still is kinda loud he thinks it's up by the cat manifold something or other he'll look at that soon. Then the wheelbearings geeesh, this is what happens when you buy a used car I guess, it only has 60,000 miles on it though, ohhh well. Hope he fixes everything soon!

Thanks again, Marcy-

Aug 9, 2011.
What hapens sometimes is people think its the right side bearing and turns out to be the left thats why I always check the bearing the way I told you it tells you if the bearing is really bad and which side it is.I have used this trick for many years and has never steered me wrong.

Aug 10, 2011.