2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser • 7,500 miles

Check engie light came on and temp gauge wasnt working on the dash and the heat in the car wasnt hot ran the codes then I changed the thrmostat and the coolant temp sensor now we have good heat but the temp gauge on the dash still dosnt work and chek engine light still on I ran the codes again and got p0117 and p0128 ( engine coolant tempm curcuit low imput) and ( coolant thermostat vaulve below control range) please help if possible I dont know what to do next.
November 11, 2012.

The coolant temp sensor issue might have caused the thermostat code. The system monitors the Coolant temp sensor for the thermostat code. The wiring circuits could be shorted or open? Did you check ref voltage at the coolant temp sensor? 5 volts goes hot with the key on. The ref voltage is usually a shared circuit. So it is possible another sensor or circuit could be causing a problem?

I haven't checked about the temp gage on the dash.

Nov 11, 2012.