2006 Chrysler 300 • 20,048 miles

Basically I have had no major problems with my car thus far. Recently I hear a loud ticking noise coming from my dash. Chrysler dealership did a diagnostic and said they don't know what it is but they BELIEVE it is a rodent in my air/heater unit and that labor alone to pull out the engine to see is $800. This does not cover replacement parts or what they may find. Being that I am a lady, I believe they are trying to dupe me. The ticking noise continues for a while even after I turn the heater off. I've read some of your previous postings, could this be the heater shutoff door warping? If so, what is the approximate repair cost that I can expect. Thanks.
December 12, 2012.

Pull the blower motor off or have soemone do it at a a grage and check for a leaf or something hitting blower fan

Dec 12, 2012.