2006 Chevrolet Monte Carlo • 70,800 miles

Hi, I have a 2006 chevy monte carlo lt with a 3.5l six cylinder engine. Over the past several months there has been this whining sound coming from either the serpentine belt or the power steering pump. I had the belt replaced about a month ago because it kept slipping when I would turn the wheel too far and had hoped that wouldve solved my problem but now my new belt is already starting to slip also. I had just recently gotten the rack and pinion replaced because it was blown and was leaking fluid, this was my second one in 2 years. This made it smoother to steer but the whine is still there but is very quiet now. Could someone please help me?
July 29, 2012.

It is probably the power steering pump. Relieve pressure on belt and see if there is anay play in the pulley.

I had a feeling that my pump was going bad again. I just needed a second opinion. Do you think this would explain the belt slippage as well?

Jul 30, 2012.
If the belt is slipping you might want to look into the belt tensioner and make sure that it is providing enough tension.