2006 Chevrolet Equinox • 158,300 miles

I was sitting at a stop light and the temp guage shot up to high and the light came on and the vehicle seemed like it wanted to cut off but it didn't. Why is this? I've checked the radiator coolant and it was full, but when I cut the car off there was none left and there wasn't anything on the ground.
Johari 00
October 24, 2012.

Try refilling the radiator while engine is running with the correct coolant, are you actually overheating-no coolant can mean its being burned in the engine cylinders with white smoke out of the tailpipe

Oct 25, 2012.
I will try what you've suggested. The reservoir was full and then I left the cap off and I heard it gurgling and then I put the cap back on. Then I noticed it was empty. I am allowing the car to rest and will put the correct coolant in the car in the a.M. I am traveling tomorrow and I just want to be safe. Thank u so much for ur assistance.

Johari 00
Oct 25, 2012.