2006 BMW X5 • 91,000 miles

On Sunday I took my X5/2005/4.4L to the car wash. After I washed the car I drove for about 3 miles and once I parked the X5 I noticed that the SOS started on its own and I heard the operator “xxxxx what is your emergency?”. I told the operator that I did not press the SOS button, I only washed my car and not sure what happened. The operator told me that I might have a leak in the sunroof. I opened the sunroof but did not notice any water.

Later in the day I noticed that my Bluetooth is no longer working when I make calls using my iPhone 4S. When I go to Bluetooth settings I see the BMWXXXX listed but when I connect I get the message “make sure your BMWXXXX is turned on and in range”.
Anyone know what could be the problem with the Bluetooth feature on the X5?
February 7, 2012.

It sounds like you have a leak in your sunroof. It could be leaking between the gasket and the body, not the gasket and sunroof. You could also have a leak in the windshield. Same situation; between the glass and the seal or between the body and the seal (more likely).

Do you have a Bluetooth headset you can test the iPhone with?

Feb 8, 2012.
Today I dropped my X5 at BMW dealer and I was told that there is no water leak. The issue is with the Bluetooth - Telematics Control Unit which needs to be replaced.

My Adviser said the cost to replace is about $650. However, he told me that they need to re-program the entire car and gave me a warning. He said that during re-programming other issues might arise and cause further hardward failure. For example, he said that the re-programming could cause the ABS senors to stop working and then I would have to pay more to get that fixed.

Do they really need to re-program the entire car when replacing the Telematics Control Unit for bluetooth?

I have read on the interent that others have replaced the damage unit on their own. Is that possible?


Feb 15, 2012.
It looks like you can do the programming yourself. I haven't read through all of them, but here's what looks to be the process: CODING & PROGRAMMING -2006 BMW X5 30i
Page 1 of 2

From the "Control module selection" screen specific control modules can be selected for reprogramming.
Select "Retrofits" if an accessory function/feature is to be added or deleted
Fig. 163: Display Control Module Selection Screen (2 Of 2) Courtesy of BMW OF NORTH AMERICA, INC.
Example: DME DDE is selected on the previous screen.
By selecting "Programming" the software of the selected module can be updated or a measures plan for all installed modules can be obtained and updated.
Fig. 164: Selecting Programming Button Courtesy of BMW OF NORTH AMERICA, INC.
By selecting "Update Software" a measures plan will be generated that will indicate what updates if any are available not only for the DME but for all modules installed in the vehicle.
Fig. 165: Selecting Update Software Button Courtesy of BMW OF NORTH AMERICA, INC.
A "Measures plan" provides information on updates that are available for all installed control modules. By selecting accept, all modules listed in the measures plan will be updated.
NOTE: Prior to selecting accept printout a copy of the measures plan and attach
it to the repair order to document the work performed.
IMPORTANT: If the measures plan identifies any control modules that will need to be replaced exit CIP.
Fig. 166: Display Select Measures Plan Table Courtesy of BMW OF NORTH AMERICA, INC.
Control Module Selection-Programming-Special Measures

IMPORTANT: The "Special Measures" function is only to be used in the event that a control module(s) can not be programmed during the "Update Software"
process that is executed as a result of a developed "Measures plan"/"Status report" or specific instructions are given in a Service
Information Bulletin which require the use of special measures to update
a module.
Fig. 167: Selecting Special Measure Button

Page 2 of 2
In the event that a control module(s) can not be programmed successfully the information will appear next to the specific module(s) in the final report, which is generated upon completion of an update or
"Measures plan".

Select "Retrofits" to view a list of functions/features that can be modified or installed.
Fig. 168: Selecting Retrofits Button
The initial screen displays information pertaining to: ? Airbag activation/deactivation ? Telematics On/Off
? Language (setting control display/monitor language) ? Maintenance interval - reset/checking
? USA-Canada conversion
? Retrofits - listing accessories installed or available for installation.
Fig. 169: Display Retrofitting Selection Screen Courtesy of BMW OF NORTH AMERICA, INC.
By selecting "Retrofits" on the previous screen a list of accessory systems available for installation is obtained.
NOTE: Some of the items listed may not be available as retrofits for US vehicles.
Fig. 170: Display Add Retrofits
Example: ULF was selected on previous screen.
If this system/module is installed the vehicle order will be modified to reflect the addition of this module/accessory to the vehicle by selecting "Continue".
Fig. 171: Selecting Continue Button

It has a number of images that show the various screens. I've included the 1st three.

Feb 15, 2012.
I don't think I would like to take on the task of performing any programming given that I don't have the tools.

I just want not sure why when installing a new Telematics Control Unit, the dealer needs to perform update on all other hardware such ABS, power windows. Etc. The adviser mentioned that there is a 5% chance that while performing the upgrade other components will stop working and I have to pay for fixing regardless if it is programming or hardware replacement. I just don't like idea of taking the X5 for service for $600 job and walking out with a $2000 bill.

I thought that maybe I can purchase a new Telematics Control Unit from the internet and plug it in. But I guess that would be too easy. : )

Feb 17, 2012.
Just like a serious medical condition, I would get a second opinion.

Feb 17, 2012.