2006 BMW 750Li • 62,463 miles

What is the step by step procedure to change the battery in this model and can I hook up a maintenance charger to this model.
Lyndon Gordon
December 13, 2011.

Best use another battery and hook it up parallel to the existing one than remove it otherwise you gonna encounter a problem and the computer has to under a relearning process

Dec 13, 2011.
You can use another battery if you want more problems, this model car the dealers are converting them to agm batteries and need to reprogram them to a different charging rate. If you use the same battery you still need to register the battery change in the cars computer via a professional scan tool so it can be charged properly

Jan 3, 2012.
62k aint a lot of miles, dont drive it too much mate?

Dr. Hagerty
Jan 11, 2012.