2005 Toyota Camry • 2.4L 4 cylinder 4WD Automatic • 121,000 miles

Hi. When I turn on the inginition (not the engine), I have three different lights on which is battrey, Check Engine and Oil Pressure. As soon as I turn on the engine, everything just disappeared.
I chenged the Oil and change teh Oil filter Yesterday and also changed the battry (bought new from Advanced Auto Parts), but still the same situation. Advanced auto parts guy checked the battrey readings after installing new one and its absolutely fine.

What could be wrong with that? Do I need to worry, for teh check engine light (which disappears after teh engine starts)
June 18, 2014.

When the engine is on start the lights will go on then when it runs they go off that is normal. The only time they will come back on is when there is something wrong. So don't worry about it.

Jun 18, 2014.