2005 Suzuki XL7 • 130,000 miles

My car died the other day while driving and I was told that my alternator went. I had it replaced, but now the car sputters when I am tring to start it. I have jumped it and it starts, but then sounds as if someone is revving the engine, while it is idiling. Also, every light is on, on the dashboard, and my radio wont even turn on. I know nothing about cars, and wish I could at least have an idea to see what to check. I have never had any problems before with the car and find it funny that all of a sudden everything is going. Can someone please help?
September 19, 2011.

I would suggest starting with checking all the main fuses and testing the alternator charging, both between the battery terminals and between alternator main mast and body ground.

Sep 19, 2011.