2005 Suzuki Reno • 100,000 miles

The Check Engine light is constantly On. I went to Auto Zone and asked them to read what's wrong with it. So they found these codes there: P0341, P0342, P0443, P0449, P0300, P0141, and P0135. I bought this car for my mother-in-law and she was driving it as it is, because it's going fine, just sometimes it's jerking on idle or when you drive. But it seems I will not be able to sell this car now, since my mother-in-law moved back to her place. Can you please give me an advise what I need to do with this Errors? Do I need to buy a new computer? Most of these errors have common probable cause: Poor electrical connection, but I don't know what connection is poor. Also as soon as I start to drive this car the sign of a drive wheel with exclamation mark comes On on the dash board. Does that realted to these problems also? Help me please.

Thank you.
January 26, 2013.

Cam sensor codes, evap codes, o2 sensor codes. You need to have someone diag each code to find the failures. It will not be easy or cheap with all these issues going on.


Jan 26, 2013.
So do you think there is no one common problems that creates all of these Errors?

Jan 26, 2013.