2005 Suzuki Aerio • 135,000 miles

The Battery light came on, first, it would go out within a few minutes of driving but now it's on all the time.
Hence, now the alternator is not charging the Battery.

Here's what I've done so far;
I replaced the Battery, it was 4 yo (original only lasted 3yrs).
Took off alternator, and had is tested at AutoZone.
(serious pain to get off!)

Alternator passed all tests,
Lamp/Diode Trio Test - PASSED
Regulator Test - PASSED
Rectifier Test - PASSED

Put the alternator back on the car and battery light still comes on and the alternator is still not the battery.

So, now its on to the cable, harness, etc.
All main battery connections are clean and tight, all fuses checked good.

Checked for live wire on Alternator (car off), I got one live wire.

Checked for live wire in harness next to firewall on right side
(next to power steering resv)
Car is on, white/green wire is live,
Car is off, white/green wire is dead.
Solid green is always dead regardless of car on/off
July 4, 2012.

Alright.I'm back.
I took the alternator back off and took it to another auto parts store and had it retested.( I did do all you suggested, and it seemed to all point toward the alternator).

The alternator failed the voltage test, so. Go a new alternator and already re-installed it.
Everything is working fine.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions, everything you said was right on the money!

Jul 8, 2012.
Your welcome thats what were here for glad to hear your back on the road thatswhat I like to hear happy endings.

Jul 8, 2012.