2005 Nissan Maxima • 150,500 miles

My service engine light has been on for a few months. Today while driving the accleration dropped and the TCS and SLIP lights came on and stayed on. The acceleration is low and won't go over 2 rpms when in regular gear (not in manual shift). When it was turned off and then restarted it had a bit of trouble turning over. My car has the option of just putting it into drive or switching over to manual shift mode. When I switch it over to manual shift it says it's in 5th gear. It seems like I am able to change gears and it drives a bit better but it does sometimes shift hard. I replaced my transmission at around 90,000 miles and a few days ago I had the power streering pressure hose replaced. I'm trying to gauge the problem and the approximate cost to fix.
October 27, 2012.

An error has been detected in the engine management system and you need to retrieve the trouble code to understand what could be wrong.

Oct 27, 2012.