2005 Nissan Altima • 133,000 miles

One day I smelled burning plastic or rubber in the cabin of the car. The next day, driving in town, my car just stopped moving. Automatically I thought transmission, but have never had hard shifts or slips. Plus, when I tried to push on the accelerator in drive, the car wouldn't rev. In Neutral it would rev, but not drive. I still had 'self pull' and that's how I got home the two blocks. When I tried to start the car later, it didn't want to start, but did. It's never had any troubles starting. Thoughts?
October 8, 2013.

Try checking the transmission fluid level and condition, if all okay-bring it in and have a transmission specialist looked at it-Try scanning the transmission control module for code/s

Oct 8, 2013.
I agree, run the scan for any unresolved fault codes and report codes her for further assistance.

Oct 11, 2013.