2005 Nissan Altima • 135,000 miles

Approximately 1 month ago my driver side rear break started to make a loud grinding sound. Upon removing the wheel I noticed that the rotor was marred pretty badly. I went ahead and replaced the rear break pads and rotors. This afternoon the same sound started to occur again and upon removing the driver side rear wheel I noticed the same issue. I'm assuming there is either a larger problem or I'm doing something incorrectly. In your experience is there something I could be missing that might cause my break pad to wear out in one month?
August 25, 2013.

If the brake caliper slider bolts or piston is sticking, it would result in premature wear of the brake pads as they are in contact with the rotors at all times when the brake pads fails to move away pedal is released.

When vehilce was lifted, release tyhe handbrake and manually turn the wheel. Compare both side. The wheel should turn freely.

Aug 26, 2013.