2005 Nissan 180SX • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 113,000 miles

2 weeks ago I got a 4 wheel alignment and tire rotation.1 week all was fine. Then 2nd week low tire pressure indicator lgith appeared so I checked 4 tires and all were the same but below recommended pressure.I then inlfated to proper pressure and drove fine for 3 days. Then went out of town and car sat for 3 days.1st time driving after that my car made loud humming noise after 60 mph. When having tires aligned the mechanic also told me I needed new brake pads and rotors soon. Any idea what loud humming sound could be after driving for days with no problem?
December 22, 2010.

That is a good question. Are the tires worn evenly? Also, does the sound change when making turns? As far as the brakes, I can't say without seeing them, but I can't see how they would cause a noise only after 60MPH.

Let me know. Also, let me know how much air pressure you have in the tires.