2005 Mercury Monterey • 95,000 miles

After driving a few minutes the traction control light comes on & won't reset. I don't know if it is related to the cruse, but it would seem that it does. If the warning light has not come on, cruse comes on as soon as you want it. If traction control light is on, it would seem to be almost impossible to set the cruse.

I have no problems with this van. It is very nice & dependable.

Thanks, Steve
March 17, 2012.

It could be that the speed sensor is going bad. Have the trouble codes pulled. Any Auto Zone or Advance Auto will do this for free.

I'm on a fixed income, disability. I don't have much money. Infact, I may not be able to buy the part to fix it. Please send me your business name & address. If this is the fix I need, I will definately & gladly send you a check.I give you my word.


Mar 18, 2012.
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