2005 Mazda 6 • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic • 154,000 miles

2005 mazda 6 2.3 ltr auto. I accelerated and herd a thump, tach went to zero. I then tried to restart the engine and only got the whir of the starter. I can spin the cam pulley by hand, no resistance. Sounds like a timing belt/chain to me, what do you think? Also, is this engine a non-interference engine, and what do you think the shop time and parts will run/
March 6, 2011.

This will be a chain drive, if the chain has broken I feel that there will be a fair amount of damage, best case will be a broken cam, either way the repair may be substantial, as for costing, this will not be known until the head is removed.

Mark (mhpautos)

Mar 6, 2011.