2005 Kia Sorento • 6 cylinder 4WD Automatic • 173,000 miles

It's an 2005 LX 4X4. Plugs and wire replaced approx 12,000 kms ago. All was well until about 3 weeks ago. It misfires but no codes show when scanned. Misfire is most evident when under load.

While driving to and from work, I ran a recorder (CRRecorders) which scans (and saves) at 2 second intervals looking for a drop in rpm etc. - Anything glaring which may indicate where the problem exists. Nada

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Here are some scan stats:
ST fuel trim B1 & B2 - 0.0
LT fuel trim B1 - 15.5, B2 13.3

IGN timing 10 - 12
MAF 3.69 g/s @ 800 rpm, 1.3v
ISC @47 Load@14 TPS@.76

There are two reading that I am not familiar with, I am assuming that they are KIA specific? ISC Real Time Adapt - 1, ISC Long Time Adapt - (-24)
November 17, 2010.

According to your fuel trim data you have a lean condition. Eliminate all possibility of vacuum leaks and then I would do a pressure cleaning to the injectors. The cleaning may or may not do the trick even if the in injectors are at fault

Nov 17, 2010.
If you have the ability to do an injector balance test, that may be a good idea.

Nov 17, 2010.