2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee • 3.7L 6 cylinder AWD Automatic • 142,780 miles

I bought my 05 jeep about a year ago when I first bought it the same day I drove it off the lot was the day it had to go in and get the transmission rebuilt along with rear end work its never ran 100%, the ABS light is on, it always tells me "service electronic break" traction control' airbag light I only get 5.7 miles to the gallon and just the other day it stopped shifting out of first gear? Not to mention the roughly 9000 I've put into it changing coil packs more rear end work and a bunch of odds n ends I shouldn't have had to do seeing how I paid 20000 for it I should have a top notch car but its one thing after another
March 19, 2014.

Have you gone back to the dealer that sold it for help?