2005 Jaguar X-Type • 105,000 miles

Hi I ve got 3 issues with my x type all started in a week or so

1. For no reason the car alarm will start shouting in middle of the night. And it happens almost twice a night

2. Some times the sign for unclosed door/boot etc will appear while every thing is properly closed. While in this state if I want to lock my car it will not lock and it will automatically go off in 5/10 minutes.

3. Some times while driving the car will have a small **** and a coil / spring shape light will blink on the panel and car will not accelerate quickly or it looks like if it has lost the boost. Your replies appreciated
March 28, 2012.

Sounds like the sign for unclosed door poping on is related to the alarm going off. If one of the switches isnt working correctly it will set off the alarm. Any idea which door it might be?

Mar 28, 2012.
I am not sure which door is it
i ve slammed all the doors but not sure which one is faulty as the light is not going off.

By the way can you send me an image where the sensors are located in doors?

And how can I deactivate the sensors? If possible

Mar 30, 2012.