2005 Hyundai Tuscon • 6 cylinder 4WD Automatic • 102,000 miles

I just got my car about a year ago. Its an 05 Hyundai tuscan that I got from the dealership. I was driving it and I turned the heat on after it was running for awhile and I heard screeching noises so I turned the heat off. Well, the noise continued and everything was fine it was overheating. I got to a stop on my way home and then it overheated a lot but 2 lines before the red line. I pulled over and left it there. Now I took it to the mechanic and its costing about $3000 to get it fixed since half the engine is gone. Also there was anti-freeze, coolent agent and the oil was just done a month ago. What happend, is there anything I can do?
December 11, 2010.

Your description of the problem is not very clear so I am to able to understand the problem with the engine. I hope my guess is correct.

The screeching noise could have been a fault with the drive belts which resulted in the water pump not working correctly and the overheating. If coolant level is correct, I don't see any major problem with the engine as the overheating did not reach maximum.

If engine can be started, recheck the drive belts and related components for bearing seizure.

Get a second opinion.

Dec 12, 2010.
The damage may be due to a failed water pump, this will cause overheating the mechanic will see a failed pump easily, if so there is nothing much that you can do but get it fixed, you should stop and not drive with any loud unusual noise as it is a fair sigh that something is very wrong.

Mark (mhpautos)

Dec 12, 2010.