2005 Ford Taurus • 89,000 miles

Air conditioning failed, and car wont idle. Code #p511. Been replacing 10 amp fuses as needed. I was told it may be the ac clutch. I was wondering if it may damage the car to keep replacing the 10 amp fuses untill we figure out how we are going to fix the problem
July 22, 2013.

It SHOULDN'T hurt anything as long as the fuse keeps blowing. Do not replace the fuse with a higher amp fuse.

Are you sure it is a PO511? I can't find anything on that code.

I thought it said p511. Anyways the air conditioning failed and the car keeps blowing that fuse (10 amp} on the first start of the day. It seems to run ok the rest of the day. Thanks for the help.

Jul 22, 2013.
Let me know if you find something different as far as the code. Also, if you have other questions, I'll be glad to try and answer them.