2005 Ford Mondeo • 60,000 miles


I have a ford monder, 05 plate and have seen some issues:

1. High fuel consumption
2. Rattle in Engine after the car starts, appears to be a timing issue as it is frequent
3. At the highest point, the accelerator makes the car judder even while driving
4. Clutch seems to be on its way out.

Can these all be linked? I used to get 650 mp tank and now I am lucky to get 450-500. Any help will be appreciated.

September 13, 2012.

If the clutch is slipping, it would affect fuel consumption. The juddering could mean misfirings so it affects engine performance and would be another major contribution so you need to get them checked.

We can't help much with noises as it is not possible to understand what it is and the source of it.

If the Malfunction Indicator Light is shsowing, get the trouble codes retrieved.

Sep 13, 2012.
I have checked the injectors and they seem fine so not sure if they are misfiring but will check the clutch for sure. Can the clutch cause a drop from 650miles per full tank down to 400?

I know it was on its way out at the last service. I will get this checked out and update. Thanks for the feedback.

If the clutch fails completely you risk getting nowhere. When it is slipping, the engine is racing with no load being transmitted to the drive trains, definitely it can cause a huge increase in the consumption.

This coupled with the engine not working correctly can make a lot of difference.

I need the trouble codes to understand what is really wrong.

Sep 14, 2012.
That is the worst part. There are no error codes. I have plugged in a generic machine and am taking this to Ford to see if they can get any codes for me. I will update the post then.

Thanks again

Which engine do you have?

Sep 14, 2012.
2.0l TDCi 115cc

Diesel engines are not easy to check for noises. Your mileage is still rather low therefore mechanically there shouldn't any problem.

Why did you think your clutch is failing at this mileage?

Sep 14, 2012.