2005 Ford Freestar • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 75,000 miles

2005 Ford Freestar Message Center is dim. Dimmer is on max. Can't see it in bright sun. Readable at night. Dimmer switch adjusts the other instrument cluster / radio light levels but not message center.
February 13, 2011.

My van has the same problem. Also lots of other electrical stuff going on it. Such as rear fan don't work, passenger mirror won't work, rear wipers and auto headlight won't turn off lights. Why won't ford do something about these issues.

Jun 19, 2011.
My 2004 Mercury Monterey (same car as Freestar) had this issue - I just fixed it. A you tube video showed four resistors were the problem, sure enough, that was it. More help- the resistors are very small, labeled "270", which means 27 Ohms. And they are surface mounted type. When I first touched one, it broke off! The old solder was deteriorated. Fortunately I found it, Used two 'helping hand' setups, with magnifier and light, and a bent tip on the solder iron to get under the display. Also, to get the instrument cluster out, you need to pry the top catches as well as the two bottom bolts.
Video is here: Good luck!

Now I know that we have 124,000 miles. There were warnings about de-powering the SRS airbag, but the fuse listed in the Haynes manual (14) did not do it, so I just went ahead.

Nov 25, 2012.