2005 Ford 500 • 90,000 miles

I need to change the ECT sensor, don't know where is it in the Ford 500 2005 can you please help me. Thank Sincerely Luis Davila
Luis Davila
March 9, 2012.

It is located at the top rear of the motor. I included a diagram of location.

Thaks I want to donate but I do not want to give my card number if I can get Address, I will send my donation, I do want, check or money order or what ever work. Thank you again Luis

Luis Davila
Mar 9, 2012.
Your very welcome and we really appreciate your donation! It is just what we need to keep the information out to those who need it.
I am going to have my Boss get in touch with you about donating.
He will reply to this post and give you an adress to send your donation in.
Again, thanks very much and come back anytime you need anything.

Take care.

Dr. C

Thank you for considering us for a donation. Here is our mailing address: 2CarPros
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Have a great day.

2CarPros Mike
Mar 9, 2012.