2005 Dodge Srt-4

Computer problem
2005 Dodge Srt-4 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual

my car wont start. Its not the battery or the starter. When I turn the key to on the on position the radio and a/c and interior lights work. But on the instrument cluster has a red circle that comes up. I found out that this is a security light. I was told that it cuts off the fuel pump and the starter. But I have no idea how to get the light to go off. So the car wont start. Any ideas would be very helpful
September 13, 2009.

Hey whats up dude. I was just wondereing if you were able to fix your neon, because I have the exact same problem with my 04 neon I have that stupid red circle on my cluster and I cant get my car to turn on. I had a key programmer come in and try to turn it on but he said thats not the proble that its a computer problem? If you were able to find a solution to this id appreciate it.

Sep 24, 2011.