2005 Dodge Ram • 5.7L V8 4WD Automatic • 130,000 miles

I need to know the color code for my 2005 dodge 1500 4x4 with 5.7 hemi. I am not charging. Replaced battery, alternator, computer so it has to be in the wires. We did a motor swap so I may have damaged my wires. PLEASE tell me the colors of the 2 field wires so I can identify and track them. Thanks
December 27, 2013.

First, check the integrated power module (fuse 23 / 15 amp) located at the left front fender. As far as the wiring from the alt, the fusible link is a brown/ red wire at the left rear of the engine compartment. The brown / grey wire is the gen field wire. The brown/black or brown/dark green goes to ground from what I see on the schematic. I suspect that either you have a blown fuse (#23) in the power module or the fusible link (brown / red wire) is blown.

Check that and let me know what you find.