2005 Dodge Neon • 6 cylinder •

I have a rear driver side brake that is locked up on a 2005 Dodge Neon SXT. Car drove in fine, but when it was started to leave, and put in reverse, the tire was locked. I attempted to shake the parking break out, but it clicks back into the locked position.
Is there a way to disengage the parking break, or a simple fix for this?
July 29, 2011.

Do you mean the handle raises up on its own when you let go of it? Sounds like a rear cable is sticking and needs to be replaced. For now, locate that cable just inside and ahead of the left rear tire. The outer casing is only about a foot and a half long between the backing plate by the wheel and where it's anchored to the frame under the seats. Flex that casing with both hands. Spring pressure will gradually pull the cable back in and the brake will release.

The same thing will happen next time you use the parking brake so you'll have to avoid using it until that cable is replaced.

Jul 29, 2011.
Fixed that same drum brake lock up last week. Found the epoxy which holds the lining to the shoe failed. The whole lining jammed between the drum which caused the lock up. Called Dodge and they wouldn't pay the 16 bucks for new shoes, because it's only covered to 36K miles, had 60K. But fixing it got rid of the sweek problem that everyone complains about.

Bill in Milwaukee
Oct 26, 2012.
Thanks Bill in Milwaukee. Why was there no symptom going forward, or was there?

Randy in Wausau

Oct 27, 2012.