2005 Dodge Neon

The radiator in my 2005 dodge neon sxr 2.0 liter is busted. I keep hearing that the 05 neon has to have an o5 neon radiator. Is this true or are there other radiators that will work? PLEASE HELP!
October 26, 2012.

Alldata shows the same part number for 2005 and 2004 neon

1 - Manual Trans 5086239AB $220.00
Order By Stamping Number.
1 - Auto Trans 5159090AB $437.00
Order By Stamping Number.

Dr. Hagerty
Oct 26, 2012.
You could measure the dimensions of your current radiator. Such as
(1) actual length from top left end to to right end
(2) distance of the holding bolts on the top from the left and right end. Same way the depth at which they are locateed
(3) the distances of locations of the hose connections (inclusive of the actual outer diameter of the hose connections.

If you take this info to a radiator shop or repair mechanic. He will easily advise you another brand depending on similar dimensions.

I had it replaced and the rediator mechanic just got the dimensions and searched his inventory based on the dimensions and installed it. Cost me less than the factor part alone here in australia. I have a Chrysler Neon 2001 SE (5 spd). Dodge Neon was sold under Chrysler in Austrila.

Nov 15, 2012.