2005 Dodge Neon • 111,000 miles

Just bought an 05 neon sxt (automatic), it was in a front end fender bender. During the accident the trans cooling line broke, and all of the fluid came out. After raplacing all parts and refilling all fluids I tried taking it for a test drive. A code P0700 came up. It has a strong 1st gear, but it revs high before trying to switch intop 2nd, except it never goes into 2nd. Instead it pops out of gear, and starts making a grinding noise. Only the 1st and reverse work fine. Could it be the shift solenoid? Or should I cut my losses and sell the car as is? I don't want to invest too much more money into it, so rebuilding the trans is out of the question for me.
December 22, 2012.

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