2005 Chrysler 300 • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 132,661 miles

I have 2005 chrysler 300 6cyl 2.7L engine that has an oil leak I was told that I need to have the engine oil pressure switch replaced. I have looked through the Haynes repair manual and can't find anything that discusses how to replace this part on your own. I am wondering if someone could please explaine this process to me or where to look for this information.
November 12, 2010.

Buy the new part so you have something to look at, then find the similar part near the oil filter. On older cars there was a switch AND a sending unit for cars with oil pressure gauges. They are not interchangeable. If your car doesn't have a gauge, you need a switch for the warning light.

Most newer cars use a combination sending unit when a gauge and warning light are used. Those will have two wires in the connector. Switches and newer ending units require a special six-point socket with rounded corners although you might get the old one off with a standard socket or wrench if there is room. Many older sending units had a nut next to the threads. They were easy to remove with an open end wrench, typically about a 5/8".


Nov 13, 2010.