2005 Chevrolet Corvette • V8 2WD Automatic • 40,324 miles

2005 Corvette driver window does not go back up when door closes. Just started
December 19, 2010.

Have you checked to see if the motor is getting power when it doesn't work?

Yes. I can put the window up fully after I'm in the car, door closed, and pull the window button.

Dec 22, 2010.
Check the wiring between the door and the door frame. Chances are you have a broken wire there.

Yes. It does have power. The window goes automatically down like it should when door is opened. It does not automatically go back up to clear the targa roof when door closes. I have to manually put the window back up. The passenger door doesn't have the issue. The window goes automatically up when door closes and down to clear the targa top when door is opened.

Dec 23, 2010.
You have to have a wiring issue and not the motor issue. I really need you to check for power to see what the motor is getting when it isn't working properly.