2005 Buick Century • 187,000 miles

My window on my car wont roll up. At first it would get stuck and I would have to slam my door for it to work, then over time it jus quit working for a few months then all of a sudden they started working again then I rolled my driver side window down and it wouldn't roll back up so I had to slam the door a few times and it went back up. Then we rolled it down a again and it got stuck again so we messed with it and slammed the door a few times again and it rolled back up, then when I got back in my car the day a after I got my window rolled up I slammed my door and the window rolled down and I havn't been able to roll it up since. When I push the button to roll it up it does nothing but when you push the down button it makes kind of a buzzing sound and wont quit.
November 15, 2012.

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