2005 Buick Century • 7,465 miles

This car was struck by lightning.I changed the ecm, the bcm, inst cluster, pass key lgnition, radio, and the neutral safety switch in the trans, and the shifter cable, and all fuses and relays. The car still says its in drive no mater what gear its in, the radio lights up but wont turn on, the gas guage says its emty, and I get no comunication with my top brand diagnostic tool. All of the parts came out of a doner car that was totaled but ran perfect and was identical in options.
January 17, 2013.

First of all, the pcm and bcm will not work. They have to be flashed to your car, if it can be done.

Did any harness burn up?

Do you have any power in the car at all?


Jan 17, 2013.
Thanks for your quick response!Everything powers up. The radio just wont turn on, and the gas guage says dead empty I put 10 gallons of gas in it.I didant check the brake lights. All others work Horn, and lighter works too. Curtacy lights, dash in both clusters, and all the power goodies work also.I did check as meny of the fuseable links as I could find.I crossed the cyinoid to test the starter and tje car started and stalled. The fuel pump fires up when the key is turn on also. The syarter relay eaven clicks when the key is turned. The shift indicator says its in drive no mater what gear its in.