2005 BMW X5 • V8 AWD Automatic • 198,000 miles

My 05 BMW X5 4.4 had replacement air shocks installed for huge dollars. The idiot light "self leveling susp inact" kept coming on, and the dealer re-set it, but it would come back on after about 20 miles. Then they installed new levelling sensors, cleared the fault codes and it came on again. The compressor and shocks work now but I can't adjust them up or down, and the idiot light has been on for a year. Now I want to sell it, but that light is a problem. Any ideas?
March 25, 2011.

I'd take the darn thing back and jump up and down until they fixed it right first thing. But i've sent a few tings to be checked, especially since it's not responding to either up or down.

Mar 25, 2011.
Whats the status with the self-leveling now?

Dr. Hagerty
Jun 25, 2011.