2005 BMW 325i • 117,000 miles

I drove it home, the tempeture light was coming on and service engine soon light was coming on. I parked in my garage and the next day it won't start. Now the spark plug lamp is coming on. Is it a simple spark plug or am I looking at something way worst? When I would drive it if the tempeture lamp came on and turned yellow then red I would just turn the car off and turn it back on and it would run like nothing was wrong. Did I blow a head gasket? When I push the button it just make a electrical noise but doesn't turn over. I tried jumping it but that didn't work either. Is it an electrical problem or a spark plug issue?
December 17, 2012.

It is possible there is a head gasket failure and you have coolant in the cylinder causing the engine to seize up

Dr. Hagerty
Dec 22, 2012.