2004 Toyota Tazz • 21,434 miles

The water is turning brown and need to replace the anit-freeze
April 14, 2012.

Drain the coolant from radiator by releasing the drain plug at bottom of radiator.

At engine block there is another drain plug which you need to release for the coolant inside the block to be drained.

Reinstall drain plugs and top up with water. Run engine for 5 minutes with radiator cap off.

Drain the water from the system and reinstall.

Fill upo with coolant and run engine for 5 minutes without radiator cap. If coolant starts to bubble out, stop engine and wait for a few minutes. Top up coolant if necessary and close radiator cap.

Run engine for a 20 minutes and stop engine and allow to cool. Recheck coolant in radiator when engine is cooled. Top up if necessary.

Repeat process until you need not top up coolant again.

Apr 14, 2012.